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February. 24. 2015
Liberals Have to Win This Fight!

A few hours before the conference in Copenhagen about freedom of speech, I was preparing and writing my notes in a hotel room, asking myself what I should say to Danish people about this topic. Should I just share experiences and horrible consequences of our fights in "non-democratic" countries like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Tunisia that will be certainly understandable for them, or should I also be honest and question liberty in Europe at this event? Will Danish people be ready to share my scepticism?

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February. 19. 2015
Support the FEMEN Movement!

Support the FEMEN Movement in its longterm confrontation with dictatorship! Support the FEMEN's fight with Putin the Russian Dictator! Purchase a T-shirt "Fuck you Putin" at special price of 19.95!

Dictatorship must die!

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February. 17. 2015
Putin, go home!

Ukrainian FEMEN sextremist Iana Zhdanova urged Putin to get out back into the tricolored cunt, i.e. home, the Barbaric Russia. Sextremist demonstrated the direction for Putin visually in Budapest during the dictator's official visit to the EU.
FEMEN blames the government of Hungary for arse-licking to Kremlin gas mafia. FEMEN warns the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that the price for cheap Russian gas may become the formation of a new "People's Republic of Budapest", headed by the Russian-speaking drunkards. FEMEN joins the international accusations of Putin in terrorism and calls on the democratic community to crack down the bloody dwarf in any possible way!
Putin, get out of Europe! Putin, get out of Ukraine! Putin, go home! 

Photo  AP, Reuters, Getty Images, Origo

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FEMEN is an international women's movement that struggles for equal woman's rights all around the world. Being established in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) in 2008, it is widespread in more than 15 countries over the globe now. It is the legendary image of bare breasted woman that uses her body as a manifesto

Our activity - topless protests that we call sextremism. This is a female answer to a male extremism with its cult of terror and bloodshed, nonviolent but aggressive form of drawing attention to the social, political, gender and sexual problems. Buying the products with our slogans you support the protest against the obsolete system and give an opportunity to struggle it!

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