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March. 25. 2015
FEMEN breaks into Parliament of Canada

FEMEN went to protest in Canadian Parliament against law C-51. 

With Bill C-51, the Harper Government does not protect us from terrorism but takes on the same position as terrorists by repressing freedom of speech with great violence. Anyone could be arrested, judged and imprisoned for “terrorism” by simply participating in a protest or criticizing the government via email, as Canadian secret services (CSIS) will be granted extraordinary powers to track down those who express contrary opinions to the Party. Bill C-51 is a totalitarian technique of repression and an anti-constitutional amendment to the Canadian legal system that jeopardizes fundamental human rights and the very idea of democracy.

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March. 14. 2015
T-Shirt FEMEN Man

Friends, our spring sale at goes on! Based on numerous request, we have returned a special t-shirt for men, who loves FEMEN  and today we have a very special price for FEMEN Man T-shirt - $11 for limited stock and sizes, $16.9 for any size and limited time offer!

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March. 12. 2015
Women's spring sales!
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FEMEN is an international women's movement that struggles for equal woman's rights all around the world. Being established in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) in 2008, it is widespread in more than 15 countries over the globe now. It is the legendary image of bare breasted woman that uses her body as a manifesto

Our activity - topless protests that we call sextremism. This is a female answer to a male extremism with its cult of terror and bloodshed, nonviolent but aggressive form of drawing attention to the social, political, gender and sexual problems. Buying the products with our slogans you support the protest against the obsolete system and give an opportunity to struggle it!

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