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April. 15. 2015
Putin is risen.

On the Orthodox Easter day French Grevin museum reinstalled the wax dummy of Putin, which has been damaged by FEMEN activist. Freshly warm Putin took its usual place among the statues of the other world leaders. Sextremist Iana Zhdanova visited the opening and predicted this artwork will remain for not very long.

On the June the 5, 2014, during the Putin's visit to France, FEMEN sextremist Iana Zhdanova stroke the wax dummy of Putin with the aspen stake and broke it's head. The wax figures of the world leaders such as Obama, Merkel and Hollande observed this happening with their pleased porcelain eyes. "Poodoo Dummy" campaing was the answer of FEMEN to the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. French Themis convicted this political act of Zhdanova, sentencing her to pay off a penalty of 6000 Euros. "There will be no peace until the last Putin remains alive", - Iana Zhdanova commented her act.

Fuck you Putin! 

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April. 14. 2015
The Manifesto FEMEN

Remember: the presentation of the Manifesto FEMEN is TONIGHT 19h to The Women's Area. L'Espace des Femmes 35, rue Jacob 75006 PARIS

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April. 10. 2015
Happy birthday FEMEN!

Happy birthday FEMEN! Women's movement FEMEN was 7 years old. April 10, 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine ...

Our God is a Woman!

Our Mission is Protest!

Our Weapon are bare breasts!

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FEMEN is an international women's movement that struggles for equal woman's rights all around the world. Being established in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) in 2008, it is widespread in more than 15 countries over the globe now. It is the legendary image of bare breasted woman that uses her body as a manifesto

Our activity - topless protests that we call sextremism. This is a female answer to a male extremism with its cult of terror and bloodshed, nonviolent but aggressive form of drawing attention to the social, political, gender and sexual problems. Buying the products with our slogans you support the protest against the obsolete system and give an opportunity to struggle it!

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